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John Underhill
My love of the outdoors began as a very young child spending time on a lake or in the woods with my parents, siblings and grandparents. Being the son of a taxidermist influenced my love of the outdoors. Growing up in a small town, I spent my best childhood days exploring and developing my creativity with my brother and sister who have always inspired me. My love of woodworking began at the age of 15 in high school shop class, which led to my collection of woodworking tools and endless projects.

My wife has always had a love of pens. In late 2007 I made a comment to her about knowing people who made them. Her reaction was to buy me a lathe so that I could make her pens. That was the start of my journey in learning to turn. She now helps me with blank making.

In 2009 I was inspired to try casting after seeing a shredded money pen posted on the internet. It was a slow start due to the lack of knowledge, experience and supplies available at that time. My family has always been a huge inspiration in what I do, encouraging me with their support and challenging me with new ideas. Over my many years of trial and error, casting has become as much of a love as pen making. I enjoy trying new ideas or taking current ones to new levels.

I retired after a 27 year long career in law enforcement, and have been able to take my casting career to a higher level and a full-time job. I now enjoy giving demonstrations on casting at local, state and national pen gatherings. I make guest appearances on You Tube Channels, and I’ve been a Guest Artist at Exoticblanks.com for over a decade where I sell my products.

Over the years I have won several awards for both my cast blanks and finished pens. The majority of my pens are gifted to family and friends or donated to local fund raisers and events. My hobby of pen making has taken me on a journey I never expected and given me the opportunity to make some of my best friends. My advice to a new turner or resin caster is to think outside the box, push the bar higher, and find what works for you.

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John Underhill

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