Custom Creations / Casting Solutions
Underhill Custom Creations was born from the love of woodworking and the influence and beauty of Mother Nature. The two combined have helped fuel the creativeness, passion, and determination behind many of our embedded object casts and the first pheasant feather blanks ever created. What started as a hobby has grown to become a business supplying our custom casts and blanks to fellow turners, artists and craftsman.
Over the years our feather blank line has grown to include many species including: Ringneck – Amherst – Tragopan – Reeves Pheasants, Quail, Partridge, Duck, Macaw, Guinea fowl, Jungle Cock, and more. All of our feather blanks are made using only domestic raised bird feathers making them legal to use and sell. These feather blanks are as unique as the feathers used to make them. Click Here to purchase Feather Blanks

Our Opal pen blank line has become as popular as it is colorful! This material is very difficult to work with but the end results make it all worth while. We currently have 19 colors to choose from in several pen set styles, with more to come! Opal Sample Color Chart Opal blanks look great as a stand alone or a background for other items like watch parts, military buttons and medallions. Click Here to purchase Opal Blanks

Clear Cast
We love to work with a variety of material and mediums in our clear cast/ tube on blanks to encase, magnify and show off their beauty. Many of these blanks are limited to supplies on hand and give us a chance to experiment and have fun with new ideas. Some of these are abalone and sea shells, snakeskins, shredded US currency, circuit boards, Military branch buttons, carbon fiber and other braided material, Dichrolam and other Opal like materials, watch parts, candy wrappers, playing cards, stamps, labels and more. Click Here to purchase Clear Cast Blanks

Embedded Objects
Mother Nature inspires and provides many items for our embedded object casts. These include sticks, pinecones, sweetgum pods, nut shells, acorn caps, thistle pods, deer antler, choll cactus and more! Click Here to purchase Embedded Object Blanks

Color Casts
Along with the embedded objects are color casts. No two ever come out the same and the colors and swirls are endless! Click Here to purchase Color Cast Blanks